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Tonight I want to cry…

I am sad in a beautiful way… Emotions just rushing through my being… Tears are fighting their way out… An eruption of feelings… Tonight I feel Like crying… Happy tears and sad… A moment of reflection on my life so … Continue reading

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Somehow Personal…(#3)

New……… You came to me in my dream I felt your silky hair on my face A feeling so soothing and comforting I smelled your skin The natural scent that takes me to a dream within a dream I reached … Continue reading

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Being You…

We always hear this phrase “Be yourself”…Yet when someone tells us that do they really mean it. Being yourself is one of the hardest tasks a person can endure, the process one has to go through to be himself is … Continue reading

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A City with a Heart…

It’s a very hot August month here, a city lying on the edge of the desert and the sea. The air is heavy with humidity, it is way into the night and I am not able to have a proper deep breath. … Continue reading

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An Eternal Dawn…

There is something magical about witnessing the dawn, something mystical, that penetrates your soul and carves itself a permanent place there. Since sleep is our little death, and waking up is our little resurrection, so it is with our mother … Continue reading

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A Lazy Afternoon…

I am sitting in my office smoking a cigar, having a nice coffee and listening to “Buena Vista Social Club”, Cuban music at its best. The way humans are leading their lives nowadays is tiring, the concept of chasing time … Continue reading

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Dear Rain…

Rain is God’s gift to the earth, it’s his blessings to the soil after a long dry summer. When the rain falls the soil rejoices, it goes through a celebration of resurrection, the once brown and colorless fields slowly turn green … Continue reading

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