Somehow Persnal…(#4)

The night falls on me like a thick curtain

A cold chill running down my spine

My hands are shivering like a tree leaf in autumn

I am calmly sad, like a striped tree standing in the middle of the snow

I don’t want to pain, yet I long to it

I don’t want to hide, but I want it

Feelings of sorrow storm across my being

Blowing their strong winds inside

I feel like winter in the middle of summer

Yet I want this winter to take over

How come my sorrow is so peaceful

I look deep inside to see

What is this darkness made of

Where did the light go

I feel the night taking over

Come take over, I don’t mind

Come cover me

May be I will feel warm

Come you eternal guardian of pain

Welcome back to my life


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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