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Somehow Personal…(#5)

In the distance I see, a shadow approaching me Is it a friend or a foe, yet I have to know I calmly wait, staring without a haste Curious to see, whose face it could be Is it a friend from … Continue reading

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A Late Apology…

It sometimes take quite a while for someone to realize that he was wrong, in my case it is a couple of years. All through this time and since we parted I used to contemplate a lot on what went … Continue reading

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My Life Path Of 4 …

I was going through an interesting site that talks about Numerology Readings, where they use your date of birth to give you a reading about your life path, my life path number turned out to be 4. This is personal reading and since my blog … Continue reading

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Life And The Airport Terminal…

I am at the arrivals hall in the airport terminal waiting for my mom to come out. It’s the festive holidays and since I can’t travel due to work commitments my mom decided to come and spend it with me. The plane … Continue reading

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I sit there looking at my empty screen listening to my new-found meditating music and I wait. In my head a million thoughts, in my heart an endless sea of emotions, but yet nothing is coming out. Where are the … Continue reading

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Three Quatrain Poems…

1. When you look towards the sky, look with your heart Up there is where the angles reside For in that moment, without you being aware An angle maybe waiting with heavenly love to share 2. Give me wings , let me fly … Continue reading

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Never Too Late To Be A True You…

The hardest thing in life can sometimes be the fact that one cannot face certain fears which are generally attached to his own self and even more to his own ego. Along our trip in life we are constantly developing … Continue reading

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