A State Of Melancholy…

When did the roses die

Where did the wild lilies go

When did this once beautiful garden become a graveyard

When did they decide to plant these tombstones instead of the oak trees

Who decided to bring the dead to this once alive place

Who decided to paint the white fences black

Who placed a falling angle statue in place of the magical fountain

Why did the singing birds leave their nests to the crows

Who took down the wind bells from the antic pergola

Who invited death to this once joyful feast of colours and life


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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