Never Too Late To Be A True You…

The hardest thing in life can sometimes be the fact that one cannot face certain fears which are generally attached to his own self and even more to his own ego. Along our trip in life we are constantly developing new understandings and feelings which sometimes are put into test when in confrontation with these fears.

Our ego which determine who we are and which is our positive drive in life, can yet be our most vulnerable entity, and with this vulnerability fears attach themselves giving us a fake self-assurance about certain beliefs of how to go about in our life. We become subject to pre determined opinions on how we must deal with life given events, and our reasonings as well as actions get their verification from that ego centric perspective.

So here comes the conflict; you develop a certain feeling or a certain new understanding of which you are fully conscious about and you are in full belief that it is for your own good, yet it  requires you to do something against your pre determined self beliefs. Your self-defence system kicks in  giving you validation of why you shouldn’t take such actions and how it will have an effect on you ego, and your need to do what is right gets suppressed in that fear.

So a lot of times you end up not doing what you ought to have done, or saying what you should have said or even expressing what you have felt. At that moment your own ego self-defence mechanism justifies to you why you shouldn’t do that, even at the risk of losing what you are in true belief that is good for you. In that process we end up losing great opportunities in our lives, beautiful relationships and sometimes great human beings.

Though the loss will be there, and the realization comes at a later stage, I believe it is never to late to do what you had to do, say what you had to say or express what you had felt. At the end of the day we need to be true to ourselves even if this hurts our ego or breaks our self-defence system. What you truly and fully heartedly believed or felt need to be manifested and what was to be done to confirm that need to be done, even if it was too late………… For it will never be too late to do the right thing to be a true You.


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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