The Sacred Mirror Of Truth…(Chapter 3)

The young man snapped from his place upon hearing that, “300 years ago, and born in the place of this cemetery, how can it be old man, who are you for God’s sake” he said with his eyes wide open and his body shivering. “Sit down my son, sit down, I will tell you about it but we don’t have much time the dawn will be upon as soon and I won’t be around here any more”. The old man’s tone of voice worked like magic on him, he sat down calmly and rolled his head back and closed his eyes, “tell me cause I am so confused now I don’t know if this is real or am I in a dream or a nightmare”.

The old man gathering him self, sat straight and started talking. “I was born here in the in a humble house in the year of the falling star, my mother used to call it that because in that year a star fell from the heavens and every one thought that it was a sign from God that something of a great importance was to happen”. “Every one in our village was in anticipation waiting for signs of unusual events to happen, and my birth was to be that, since through that year no family had a new-born except in our house. I was brought up as a special child every one around me felt that I was blessed by God and my mother kept me under her sight so that nothing of harm was to happen to me. As years passed and my childhood years turned to youth, I started having these visions of angles and holy men around me and my best place to sit was with the village old medicine man who had knowledge of words and knew all the stories of old times and teaching of faith. He would tell me stories of God sent prophets and how they dwelled their matters among people, but the most captivating story to me was that of the “Sacred Mirror Of Truth”. He always claimed that this myth was true and that this mirror was God’s sign of dismay of Adam and Eve after they committed the first sin. The mirror was a sign of the absolute truth of what Adam and Eve gave up in return for the apple, and in it any human will see the holy truth that will free him from his earthly curse and takes him back to heaven where God’s original creation were to reside. He said that the mirror was guided by the descendents of Adam and Eve and that when Cane and Abel had their fight it was over it, since each one wanted to keep it all for him self. Yet the loss of the mirror was to happen in the days of Noah, the old books of wisdom said that it was the first thing that Noah wanted to save from the great flood when he embarked the arc. When then the flood resided and the arc rested on the great mountains of Ararat there was a great confusion, all the creatures on board wanted to descend to the land and in that mayhem Noah lost it and couldn’t find it, and since then the mirror was not to be found”.

Taking a deep breath the old man continued, “That story always lingered in my mind, I felt that I was to go after that mirror, in the depth of my being I believed that it was my destiny and that I didn’t belong on this earth, my place was the heaven where I would be with the angles and the immortals. The time came when I was about your age, as one night I had a vision that I was to take the high seas to the land of the Turks and go to seek the sacred mirror, so in the following morning I wrapped up the modest belongings I had, went to my mother and father and told them that my time has come to leave them to seek the holy truth, the fulfillment of my birth to this earth on that special year. They stood at the door waving goodbye and I felt that in the depth of their souls they knew that this day was to come, and strange enough I felt the same, to me it was the true beginning of my life the step I had to take so that I can be with my creator in the ultimate truth”. 

“I left the village and started my journey towards the great city, I reached the old port on the next morning and inquired about the ships that were to leave. I found the one needed and it was to set sail in the evening so I gave the captain 2 gold coins with a promise that I could be of help on board and me being young and healthy he joyfully accepted. So there I was sitting on deck with all the sea men waiting to set sail, I took a final look to the land and deep in my heart I felt that I will never be able to see it again”.


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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3 Responses to The Sacred Mirror Of Truth…(Chapter 3)

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    ok, so where is the next chapter, Sam! Can’t leave me hanging. I just finished rereading Ursela le Guin’s Wizzard of Earthsea series. I read them many years ago and found it interesting what I saw in them this time as opposed to the first time. I like your story so get busy! hugs, pat lol

    • Sam says:

      :-)…. Actually Pat I need to continue with it, I don’t know why I suddenly stopped.

      • Bhaga says:

        I join Pat in her plea, I also wish the next chapters would already be there…! Please do go on with it… if it is all to be ending well, that is!!! Usually before I read something I look first at the ending, and only if it ends well do i take the trouble to read it!… I can’t do that with your story, so I need your promise that it will end well… 🙂

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