From My Window…

The night falls on my city

The sun sinks into the sea… A calmness grows inside of me

I put off all the lights

Candles burning on a plate… Shadows dancing as I contemplate

Listening to my favourite band

Music playing at loud…The city beneath serves as a perfect background

Streets busy with life

Cars with headlights on…. A moving feast of light has just begun

Grand towers in the horizon

Glass and steel they blend… Man made jewels in midst of the desert sand


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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57 Responses to From My Window…

  1. Christie says:

    Wow, both your poem and your blog! They’re beautiful. I love the images and fluidity of your poem.

  2. Jingle says:

    you portrayed the life of the city via your window vividly and beautifully.

    Glad to have you in, have fun!

  3. happy poets rally!

    this is awesome. i love how vividly you paint a scene. as if i were right there. brilliant penning!


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  5. danroberson says:

    I enjoyed the poem, especially the imagery. Feast of light…..excellent.

  6. Kim Nelson says:

    Two of my favorite places are San Francisco and NYC. Your poem spawned a yearning for a trip to one or the other.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Here’s my entry:

  7. Lavender says:

    Great poem, I really love it, and this isn’t anything negative, but in the piece when you mention listening to your favorite band, I’d have rather you named a band, or a piece of music. I mean, everything else in the poem adds to the picture, that one line makes me wonder what to fill it with.
    Sorry, I do like the poem a lot. 🙂

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Lavender your comments are always appriciated, and it will be interesting to know what music you would have had playing in that picture, very intrested to know…:-)

      • Lavender says:

        Oh, I get it. What would I fill that piece of the picture with. Um, I’m thinking jazz… French.

      • Sam says:

        Beautiful choice… I would recommend Patricia Kaas, the legendary Charles Aznavour…and for a magical experience The Master Leonard Cohen…personally that eve I was listening to Massive Attack…:-)

  8. Linda says:

    After spending much of my life living in a fairly rural setting, I now spend a fair amount of time in the city. Your description is perfect.

  9. yelena m. says:

    Some great descriptions in this poem…Adore the ambience you expressed so well here.

  10. Such great images you paint with your words, wonderful!

  11. fiveloaf says:

    love how you capture your thoughts.. here’s mine for this thursday..

  12. tya says:

    Oh, I can feel this..
    “Streets busy with life”..

  13. uma.a says:

    The description of life in city is captured beautifully in your poem

  14. ashbeezone says:

    Woah !! that was something really cool
    Take a look on my work
    A Poetry for the Nation ..

    !! Happy rally !!

  15. Man, this made me miss living in San Francisco… Beautifully reminiscent for me.
    Happy Rally

  16. This is wonderful…thank you for sharing it with us.

  17. Tweety says:

    city life at tis best…the imagery was so beautiful that i could actually realize every word of it as i experience daily…

  18. I feel like I am there with you in the city at night…even when I’m out here on the snowy plains of North Dakota. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sam says:

    Thank you Jessie,
    Glad you related to my poem, and I do miss the snow, it’s almost 10 years since the last time I’ve been in a snowy place….:-)

  20. iBeingMe says:

    beautiful imagination 🙂

  21. rmpWritings says:

    I felt the calm wash over me, which is outside my norm of existence. Beautifully crafted.

  22. hmmmm a nice feeling…I like! 🙂

  23. You have demonstrated how an urban atmosphere can be a calming tonic! Beautiful!

  24. Jingle says:

    Happy Tuesday, return favor to those poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially…
    I am saying these to all poets, hope that you take it rationally…
    thanks for the support.

  25. I like looking at the city lights from my window, too. It gives me a sense of peace, very calming, which is also the effect your poetry has.

  26. Carl says:

    I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

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  28. Well portrayed,had me in right from the beginning!

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  30. Ms. Peaches says:

    great piece…my BFF nominated you for the perfect poet award on this piece so I had to check you out and I must say well desired fellow poet well deserved!

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