On our eternal journey

Through the vast oceans of time

Our solitary ships

Must have sailed along


In another life

In a different body

At a distant land

You might have been

My father

 My brother

My sister

My mother

My lover

My friend


About Sam

Cerca Trova is the Latin for ” Seek and you Shall Find “…. I’ve been in constant search for meaningful answers to many issues in my life..i have found some and many are still missing… I found answers in music, in poetry,in other’s words,and my personal experience… Yet I’m still seeking answers for so much more… I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far,and take you along on my journey in seeking the rest…
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10 Responses to Somewhere…Somehow…

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Just lovely, Samer. We are One before, now and forever. hugs, pat

  2. bendedspoon says:

    We’re connected afterall… Blessings to you 🙂

  3. Jingle says:

    smiling message…

    stay divine.

  4. lunawitch15 says:

    very nice! I like how you think.

  5. fiveloaf says:

    yes, just maybe you are my brother sam! my potluck..

  6. Hello! I came across you on Eclipse of the Moon’s page.. you have some very good poetry.. This one I like very much.. For we all are ONE!… Have a beautiful week .

  7. trisha says:

    i love it. i dont believe in rebirth but your poem made me thought “may be!” 🙂


  8. Don’t mind all the comments from me today, I was just choosing a favorite poem from you …and I think I’ve found it :)! Will be back again …

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